Tuesday, July 03, 2007

NEA's Annual Convention

This year it's in Philadelphia, the city that gave birth to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Let's see what genius is coming out of the NEA's convention there:

NBI (new business item) 36 directs NEA to "call for a 48-hour, locally initiated, nationally coordinated political strike early this coming fall to defeat NCLB, oppose bipartisan attacks destroying public education, and demand full education funding at corporate expense."

"Locally initiated, nationally coordinated." How is that accomplished, especially since it's being proposed at a national convention? Yep, these idiots are teaching our children. And yes, this is the very organization that former US Secretary of Education Dr. Paige says has a deathgrip on American education. If by "strike" they mean walk out of the classrooms, they can count me out. And bipartisan attacks? How can that be, with Nancy Pelosi getting the 2007 Friend of Education Award?

I bring up this other new business item just for its entertainment value:

NBI 15 wants NEA to "promote monarch butterfly studies."

Again, these people are teaching our children.

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