Tuesday, July 03, 2007

June 2007 California Educator Magazine

Why is it that I don't get the June issue until July? Just asking. It's that way every month with California Educator.

It's a very short issue, and to be honest, most of it doesn't interest me. I did, however, find a few morsels on which to chew.

From page 4, in the outgoing president's column:

We soundly defeated those who wanted to destroy our public schools, the teaching profession and our rights as union members.

Let me state this unequivocably. Every (non-military) American has the right to join a union. Every American has the right not to join a union. Every American should have the right not to be required to financially support a union. Until I have that last right, I couldn't care less about Babs Kerr and the rights of her union members.

Page 24 is a puff piece on Michael Moore-on's new movie.

"We are the only country in the western world that doesn't believe it's a human right to provide care to its citizens," said Moore... "That's not what we used to be about."

It's not? When did we ever believe that individual health care is owed by government to its citizens? Where did the Founders write that?

"Moore fills three boats with emergency workers who were injured providing help in the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy. He then takes them to Cuba for health services denied them in the United States."

I wonder if they were taken to any of these fine institutions. And let's be honest here--they weren't denied health services in the US, they just weren't given them for free.

And CTA is using this new movie to try to sell California's legislature on socialized medicine. Grand.

Page 32 has a story called "CTA is leading the charge to erase the vindictiveness of NCLB (ESEA)".

"Recent polling conducted by CTA indicates that 91 percent of CTA members (emphasis mine--Darren) support CTA's campaign to erase the vindictive provisions contained in NCLB..."

Really, 91% you say? Recent polling conducted by the Republican Party indicates that 0% of them will vote for Hillary Clinton for President. Does either statistic surprise anyone?

And just for giggles, let's look at the chart on page 34 that updates us on CTA-sponsored and co-sponsored legislation for 2007. Of the 6 bills, four relate to community colleges and/or universities, one relates to universal healthcare, and one relates to mandatory kindergarten. So, K-12 teachers in California, how do you like those stats?

And finally, on page 38 are a few paragraphs about the NEA Rep Assembly taking place in Philadelphia. The piece closes with:

The association's 2007 NEA Friend of Education award will be presented to Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi...."

Do I even need to mock that? Or does it mock itself?

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Ariztophanes said...

I'll summarize the Patriot on this issue:

It used to be that 'rights' only required the rest of us to respect another's exercise of them.

Increasingly, 'rights' require the rest of us to pay for them.