Monday, July 30, 2007

Higher Pay For Math And Science Teachers

In this post I suggested that universities' charging more for math/science courses, for example, would have the effect of having even fewer people go into those fields, while "oppressed studies" majors would continue to flood a job market that doesn't need them. Well, if this proposal is implemented, it could conceivably counteract the effect listed above.

A group of business and university leaders proposes addressing the shortage of math and science teachers by paying higher salaries, improving teacher training, and giving first-year teachers more support...

Among teachers of all subjects, math teachers have the highest annual turnover rate (16.4 percent). Science teachers have the second-highest (15.6 percent).

We'll see if the NEA and CTA hop on board with this.

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Anonymous said...

"We'll see if the NEA and CTA hop on board with this."

Are you holding your breath? I wouldn't.

"Oppressed studies." That's a good turn of phrase, and maybe a little more socially acceptable than what I would call them in private conversation ("wanker majors," in case you were wondering).