Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NEA Wants More Of Your Tax Dollars (and, of course, dues money)

Quoting EIA, in a post on NEA President Massa Reg's speech at the recently concluded Rep Assembly in Philadelphia:

The idea is that NEA has trouble organizing communities to support its requests for more money. Since most Americans don't currently have children in public schools, NEA hopes to get them to rally around issues they care about, like tax fairness and the economy.

The campaign is to paint corporations as special interest shirkers, who don't pay their fair share of taxes to support public schools which, the NEA contends, is an investment that brings future dividends in the guise of creative, knowledgeable employees and entrepreneurs.

This, I might add, from a national organization with state and local affiliates that collectively take in more than $1 billion annually and pay no corporate income taxes.

Does this surprise anyone? Does it disgust anyone? My guess is the answers to those two questions are going to be different.


miriam sawyer said...

It does not surprise or shock me. Disgust, of course.

David Foster said...

"future dividends in the guise of creative, knowledgeable employees and entrepreneurs"...I wonder how many people there are who *could* have been "creative, knowledgeable employees and entrepreneurs" had their potential not been destroyed by public schools marching to NEA command.