Thursday, July 05, 2007

The NEA and *Your* Money

It's not like California's teachers don't already pay exorbitant union dues--teachers in my district gladly give almost $1,000/year to the local, state (CTA), and national (NEA) unions.

And now they're going to give more. From EIA:

The delegates also approved an acceleration of the increase in dues assessment that goes to the Ballot Measure/Legislative Crises and Media Campaign Funds. The assessment would have been $8 per member in 2007-08, $9 in 2008-09, and $10 in 2009-10. It had a sunset provision after that.

By today's vote, the assessment will go immediately to $10 in 2007-08, and that assessment was made permanent. I believe this raises the level of NEA's national dues in 2007-08 to $153.

They can call it a "democracy" since representatives voted on it, but there's a difference between democracy and freedom. As long as I'm required to give them any of my money at all, injustice reigns. I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Every (non-military) American has the right to join a union. Every American has the right not to join a union. Every American should have the right not to be required to financially support a union.

California teachers, you really should look into the California Teachers Empowerment Network, or just click the CTEN label below or to the left.

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