Monday, July 09, 2007

Best (and worst) Bang For The Education Buck

Interestingly enough, this analysis is questionable for California because our school budgets are determined in Sacramento, not on local property taxes.

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Ellen K said...

It shouldn't be a surprise because each federal mandate comes with its own required bureaucracy that eats up whatever budget was added. And it's not just schools, hospitals are getting hit with this type of decision as well. I just went through some stuff on our local public hospital and when you look at the number spent on care based just on children born to illegal immigrants, the cost is staggering. Sadly, the type of system that California uses is probably what Texas will end up with. Right now our property taxes, which were supposed to go down, are still rising because districts continue to grow at lightspeed and many of the incoming students are mandated to receive aide via programs created but not paid for on the federal level. I truly don't know what the answer is for this, but something has gotta give.