Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth

I have nothing to add. Yet.

Update, 7/8/07: Not related to Live Earth, but to so-called global warming:

What's really interesting about the confession is that Makower very quickly goes on to reveal just how much the environment counts for with your average star environmentalist: many of my environmental professional brethren, air travel is far and away my biggest personal and professional footprint. And it's not likely to change any time soon. This reality notwithstanding, the airline industry seems poised to finally confront its environmental impacts -- and mine.

I find it hard to believe he's really saying "There's no way in hell I'm going to stop flying so much, so the airline industry had better get its butt in gear reducing my climate impact for me." But you could sit there staring at the quote all day and you can't make it mean anything else. It's also important to note that Joel Makower's speaking engagements are a cosmically fixed "reality"; unfortunately, your shopping, home-heating, and toilet habits don't enjoy this status.

As Allen put it in a comment in this post, the rules don't apply to rich liberals, just to the rest of us.


Ellen K said...

Perhaps fairy wings or a hot air balloon would substitute. I foresee a times when airline travel will rise precipitously in cost. Of course, it used to be that air travel was by and large the means of travel only for the wealthy or those in business. It's only been in the past fifteen years that Everyman was considered the prime passenger. Still, all in all, wealthy liberals will continue to stretch their carbon footprint at the expense of the "little people". Damned arrogance-read "Are We Rome?" if you want shivers.

Ellen K said...

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