Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hypocrisy Regarding the Scooter Libby Commutation

I haven't addressed that issue much, because, to be perfectly honest, it doesn't interest me much. This CNN article, though, hits the nail squarely on the head.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The hypocrisy is unpardonable. President Bush's decision to commute the sentence of a convicted liar brought out the worst in both parties.

Gotta love the AP, though. "Convicted liar". I guess they don't have to refer to former President Clinton in such terms because he wasn't convicted--he was merely disbarred for lying to a grand jury. Like the old movie conversation goes:

"Every been convicted of any crimes?"

"Convicted? No. Never convicted."

But back to the article. After the biased opening sentence, the article is full of details. It's worth a read--and then we can let this issue drop, since no one's hands are clean and everyone seems to be living in a glass house.

Update, 7/6/07: Here's more.


Eric W. said...

Well, Libby is a convicted liar. That's sort of what perjury means. And there's also the fact that 7 paragraphs dealt with all of Clinton's controversial pardons... Not to mention it's an opinion piece. It's supposed to be biased. That's what opinions do to people.

Darren said...

Wow, Eric, retract those claws. I said this was a *fair* article.

Or do you not agree?

Law and Order Teacher said...

All of my law enforcement training tells me that once you find the culprit you stop the investigation. You don't cast out looking for others who might have violated the law. In this case Fitzgerald manufactured a crime. What a shame.

Eric W. said...

Well, you criticized the use of the word liar and the article's treatment of Clinton. So, I responded to that.

Darren said...

Geez, Eric, if you don't think Clinton did anything wrong, just say so. If you don't think there are any similarities between Clinton's lying (executive branch lie to cover his own butt in the commission of a crime) and Libby's lying (executive branch lie to cover his own butt *not* in the commission of a crime), then just say so.

At least be honest with your leanings.

Eric W. said...

I do think there's a difference between lying about whether you got some from an intern and lying about outing a CIA operative, yes.

Darren said...

Considering that no crime was committed about "outing" a CIA agent--otherwise, Fitzgerald would have charged someone with it--some might say that Clinton's lie to save his own hide was just as bad.

Let's face it. You want this guy to be guilty because it makes the administration look bad. You're letting your political leanings get in the way.

At least I'm willing to recognize that underlying crime or not, a jury found Libby guilty and he's still got a record for his crime of perjury. You continue to make excuses for Clinton. Sad that that defines liberalism today.