Friday, July 06, 2007

The American Left

Calling the Weather Underground "patriotic" for carrying out a bombing campaign against the US government--this is the face of America's so-called progressives today. Lefties, if you think I'm wrong, then disavow these people.

Of course, this took place in San Francisco, and photoessayist Zombietime has more.

Update, 7/9/07: Victor Davis Hanson has this to say about the left:

What is striking about all this savagery—whether with the filmed beheadings of Westerners in Iraq to the recent flaming Johnny Storm human torch at Glasgow, screaming epithets as he sought to engulf bystanders and ignite his canisters — is the absolute silence of the West, either distracted by Paris and i-Phones or suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome and obsessed with Guantanamo.

It is hard to recall an enemy so savage and yet one so largely ignored by rich affluent and distracted elites as the radical jihadists, as we have to evoke everything from mythology to comic books to find analogies to their extra-human viciousness.

For a self-congratulatory culture issuing moral lectures on everything from global warming to the dangers of smoking, the silence of the West toward the primordial horror from Gaza to Anbar is, well, horrific in its own way as well...

Maybe if the jihadis put panties over the heads of their victims before killing them, the left would get concerned.

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Ellen K said...

I am all for freedom of speech, but honestly at what point does this fall into the area of sedition? I am particularly appalled by the ignorance of the art community, although considering it's location I suppose I shouldn't be.