Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Democrats and Public Education

NewsAlert linked to this, and I will, too:

The eight Democratic presidential candidates assembled in Washington last week for another of their debates and talked, among other things, about public education. They all essentially agreed that it was underfunded -- one system "for the wealthy, one for everybody else," as John Edwards put it. Then they all got into cars and drove through a city where teachers are relatively well paid, per pupil spending is through the roof and -- pay attention here -- the schools are among the very worst in the nation. When it comes to education, Democrats are uneducable.

One candidate after another lambasted George Bush, the Republican Party and, of course, the evil justices of the Supreme Court. But not a one of them even whispered a mild word of outrage about a public school system that spends $13,000 per child -- third highest among big-city school systems -- and produces pupils who score among the lowest in just about any category you can name. The only area in which the Washington school system is No. 1 is in money spent on administration. Chests should not swell with pride.

And that's just the beginning; it gets better. But this line stuck out to me:

In so far as the Democratic presidential candidates talked about public school education and in so far as they mentioned the Supreme Court decision, they largely mouthed Democratic orthodoxy.

Where have you heard something like that before? =)


Mr. Lucchese said...

Throwing money at the problem certainly isn't going to help. We already spend roughly the same amount on education as we do on defense. It sure would be nice if a little more of that money made it down to the teachers and students, though.

Anonymous said...

Thank God there is a new recently appointed chancellor for the D.C. public schools, and she's a REFORMIST - from the outside.

There's HOPE!!

Darren said...

They thought the same about the Governor and the Admiral, the last two supes down in LA.

If there's hope, I'm not seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Never give up HOPE, Darren. Never.

Here's an article from Education Week on the appointment of Michelle Rhee -


Darren said...

I don't know who originated it, but I've given much thought to the saying, "Hope is all you have left when you're tired of being afraid."