Saturday, July 21, 2007

Exactly What We Don't Need

A president who would walk a picket line.

Democrat Barack Obama is telling union activists he would walk a picket line as president if organized labor helps elect him in 2008.

I guess if you have to kiss the butt of your union overlords, that's what you do.

`We are facing a Washington that has thrown open its doors to the most anti-union, anti-worker forces we've seen in generations," Obama said in remarks prepared for delivery Saturday night. "What we need to make real today is the idea that in this country we value the labor of every American."

Two points.

First, exactly what has the President done that is anti-union and anti-labor? Obama's sound bite sounds great to the faithful, but is it anything more than hot air contributing to global warming? Seriously, give one specific, Senator, just one.

Second, in order to "value the labor of every American", we should value every American. Freedom is the watchword of this country, Senator, not labor. I believe in giving every American the freedom to join a union or not to, as are the dictates of his or her own conscience. As I've said before:

Every (non-military) American has a right to join a union. Every American has a right not to join a union. Every American should have the right not to be required to support a union financially.

When right-to-work laws are in place across the land, Senator, then you'll be valuing the labor of every American. Until then, you're valuing compulsory unionism.


Ellen K said...

Interesting because in fact he would be considered "management" and I doubt that any union official will roll over and play dead for any sitting president, deal or no deal. In the words of Bugs Bunny "What a maroon."

JB said...

I find it a fascinating logical fallacy that people believe "anti-union" is the same as "anti-worker".

Darren said...

They believe it because the unions have told them the big lie enough times.

Darren said...

Oh, and I love your picture and profile, JB. I think we'd get along famously.

I even stayed a night in Laramie last summer on my way home from Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Remember in the aftermath of 9-11, a great many Dem politicians and of course, the MSM, were outraged that President Bush did not immediately rush to NYC to fulfill his constitutional role as comforter in chief. They weren't ready for prime time then, and Obama is not ready for prime time now. He, as President of the United States, would walk a picket line? In a rational, adult world, that single statement would end his campaign as no rational adult could possibly believe that someone with so little grasp of the role of POTUS should be allowed to run.

Anonymous said...

The Bush administration has been unfair to organied labor? Give me a break! I am furious at my own party for not passing right-to-work laws. Legislation to do that has been pending for years and when Republicans had Congress and the White House, they could have pulled the fundraising rug out from under Democrats by limiting those compulsory union dollars.

miriam sawyer said...

Perhaps he is referring to Bush's refusal to give Homeland Security workers civil service status. Since he talks in high-minded generalities, it is difficult to figure out what he means. He's a blowhard like Bill Clinton.

Darren said...

Perhaps, but he made them *federal* employees with a union and a retirement plan. Doesn't sound very anti-union or anti-labor to me, although someone in the pocket of organized labor could choose to think it is.