Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lefties Apparently Don't Think Too Highly Of Voting

Which do you think is more important: purchasing alcohol, or voting for the officials of government? This is not a rhetorical question.

Any reader of this blog will know that I choose the latter. Whatever the legal age for purchasing alcohol is in any locality, it's wise to require identification to ensure the purchaser is of legal age. But that requirement pales in significance to the importance of the vote. But apparently some don't see it that way.

Detroit Branch NAACP officials blasted the Michigan Supreme Court today, accusing the court of turning Michigan into "the Mississippi of the North" with its ruling requiring photo identification for voting.

I'm truly at a loss at how anyone can show even the slightest comparison to showing identification, thereby proving you're entitled to vote, to poll taxes, reading tests, grandfather clauses (if your grandfather couldn't vote, neither can you), or outright disenfranchisement. The NAACP has made itself a laughingstock on this issue and so many others. I ask: what possible affront to liberty can be accrued by ensuring that those who are not legally authorized to vote are in fact prevented from doing so, and that only those entitled to vote actually get to cast ballots?

Another area in which lefties show outright contempt for voting is with the darling of the unions, the card check. Allow me to explain what that is.

A card check is a way to certify a union without an election. What happens is a union organizer talks to individuals and gets them to sign a union card. When over half the employees of a company have signed the union card, the union is certified. Would anyone suggest we hold public elections that way? The reason for the voting booth and the secret ballot is to allow each voter to choose in accordance with his own conscience, free of pressure or intimidation by others. This rationale works just as well for a national election as it does a union election. Clearly, a card check law is un-American, to say the least.

Which political party claims to be the party of the working American? And which party has temporarily halted card check legislation in the Senate? Readers of this blog will not be surprised by the answers.

Note how the law is deceptively titled the Employee Free Choice Act. Orwell was writing about the left.


Anonymous said...

It's simple: anything which interferes with massive, systematic vote fraud is RACIST!

Law and Order Teacher said...

These people should at least have the decency to admit that their real goal to allow voter fraud to take root and flourish. If you can't win legitmately at the ballot box fix the election and win that way. As it is with all people who disagree with lefties, it has to be due to racism. Anybody who disagrees with them has to be racist, stupid, or just plain wrong.

Ellen K said...

There is no question that this attempt to squash voter ID's is too allow illegal immigrants to vote. Look at who is supporting this. It's the left. And they think they will be able to flood the ballot boxes with illegal votes. Of course, it worked for LBJ in Duvalle county, so I guess it is viable. As to whether it's legal, I doubt it. But of course these are the same bunch who so hate the military that they banded together to deny overseas military votes into the count at the request of the Gore campaign. Sort of shows you where their heart are doesn't it?