Monday, July 02, 2007

Laughter Is The Best Medicine When You've Caught The NEA Virus

From the 7/1/07 EIA Intercepts:

I also discovered that NEA spent some of its media campaign fund money placing print ads in NASCAR event programs. It would make more sense to sponsor the pace car - ensuring that everyone moves at the same slow speed.


Phyllis S said...

Appropo of nothing re: this post. Just wanted you to know The Manolo linked to you today. Your cool quotient? Off the charts.

Darren said...

I know about the Manolo. Seen the referrals via Statcounter, and my Sunday/Monday hits are significantly higher than usual.

I won't comment on the cool quotient, though :-)

Ellen K said...

I am surprised that NEA would stoop to NASCAR since politically they are polar opposites of most of the drivers, viewers and commentators of that sport. Perhaps that explains its increasing popularity.....?