Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Does CNN Have Anyone Who Can Say This?

Anyone? Anyone at all?

I won't be on-air at FOX for a few days. My wife and I need time to absorb and then recover from the trauma that's just hit us, something that's irrevocably changed our family and left most of us in tears: this morning, we delivered our oldest son, Josh, to college.

Perhaps you've been down this path before; we haven't, which is part of the reason it hit us so hard. But before you think me a melancholy sap that needs a good dose of "man-up" medicine, let me say that the institution to which we've given up our son isn't an ordinary university. And no, he's not starting out in summer school on this second day of July. Josh is one of 1,311 new cadets hoping to join the class of 2011 at West Point — the United States Military Academy.

I'll skip my usual commentary about MSM leftie bias for this story.


Anonymous said...

Read your article on fox news site-we left our ds there too-loved reading your reaction-very similar to ours, military is not in our blood but a deep love of this country is.We are heading for alien territory, anxious, but so proud and excited too. Good luck to Josh!

Anonymous said...

My best wishes to your son. The nation needs those like you to stand against the storm, and storms there will be. Our soldiers are the finest in the world and they deserve the finest in leadership. When you pin on your butter bar in 4 short years you will have earned the honor of issuing that command, follow me.
Learn well to lead well.

Walter E. Wallis

Ellen K said...

That same column could have been written by my uncle. I am sad to say he flew into the Department of the Interior on the coattails of Clinton. His family has been die-hard liberals and he's gotten both a federal pension and a state pension due to his work in Arkansas. His kids have gotten numerous scholarships based on their parent's position in government. This week, their grandson goes to West Point as well. I think Thanksgiving Dinner discussions will be very much changed in the future.

Darren said...

I just want to make clear that *I* didn't write that FoxNews piece--my own son is still in elementary school!

Darren said...

I've written other posts on how different Thanksgiving dinner conversations will be:



Here's what the young man experienced: