Sunday, July 01, 2007

Making Fun Of The President

Liberals don't get that they're usually not funny, they're just mean. Bitterly, rabidly partisan, and mean. And mean isn't funny, which explains in part why Air America, the liberal radio network, is such a flop, and conservative talk radio is successful enough that some liberals (and Trent Lott) want to reintroduce the clearly unconstitutional Fairness Doctrine.

There is a way to poke jabs at the President, and yet do so in a very humorous way. It's not partisan, it's not mean--it's funny. Who can show us how to do this? The Manolo, of course.


Anonymous said...

typical neo-conservative, right-winged, nazi response! ALL CONSERVATIVES SHOULD BE SHOT

Darren said...

See? Not funny at all.