Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's About Darn Time

Ward Churchill has been fired from the the University of Colorado. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

I don't think he should have been fired for his 9-11 "little Eichmanns" comment, although he's earned any and all social opprobrium that comes with such a vile exercise of free speech. No, he was correctly fired for faking his credentials and for plagiarizing. That people started looking into his background only after his 9-11 comment is irrelevant, because their motivations don't change or justify his lying and plagiarizing.

Personally, I hope he rots in Hell.


allenm said...

A couple of years ago I swapped e-mail with a historian over an article in National Review which quoted his work.

It was a scholarly dissection of Ward Churchill from a piece the prof hadn't published yet so he was some pissed. When I asked about it he referred me to an earlier work that the quoted piece used as a jumping off point.

Couched in scholarly language was the clear implication of academic fraud as discrepancies from quoted works, unsupported assertions and the just, plain wrong piled up. After reading the piece I was directed to I had to wonder how much finer Wade Churchill could be sliced. Apparently Churchill provided ample opportunity for more cutting

I was going to finish the post right here but decided to do a quick Google check and guess who popped to the top using "Ward Churchill academic fraud" as a search string? The guy I swapped e-mail with:


allenm said...

Sorry to post twice on the same subject but I came across the "Report on Conclusion of Preliminary Review in the Matter of Professor Ward Churchill*".


For someone who doesn't enjoy the sight of blood here's a sample of what you're missing:

Allegations have been made that Professor Churchill has engaged in research misconduct; specifically, that he has engaged in plagiarism, misuse of others' work, falsification and fabrication of authority.

I suppose this means he'll end up as a senior fellow at some lefty think tank.

Law and Order Teacher said...

It will start in the MSM very soon that Churchill was fired for his comments on 9-11. They're too lazy to do research and find out the real reason for his firing. Or they agree with his statements and want to protect him. You're right, unfortunately we haven't seen or heard the last from him.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't know. Don't you think that the very model of the modern professor is a man who has no doctorate, and no formal academic training in his supposed discipline, yet was made a full professor and head of his department, and whose iconic image is of himself, resplendent in beret, sunglasses, cammy fatigue jacket and AK-47?

Mrs. Bluebird said...

It's bad enough that my 7th graders can't manage to produce a research paper on tornadoes without committing plagiarism, but to have grown-ups doing the very same thing???.... Grow the hell up and try a little integrity. Oh, I forgot, I'm talking about a "Progressive" here...honestly, I agree with you, I too, hope he rots in Hell.