Saturday, March 31, 2007

Where's the "Separation of Church and State" Crowd?

Colorado’s House Education Committee chairman wrote in an e-mail that there must be a “special place in hell” for charter school supporters...

Merrifield called two Colorado Springs school board members “evil twins” for backing a plan to let a high-scoring K-8 charter school, Cesar Chavez, turn a so-so district-run elementary, Hunt, into a charter...

When newspapers picked up the story, Merrifield said his anti-charter views are well-known. But today, he apologized for his language and resigned as chair of the committee.

He's a Democrat, so they don't mind.

Via Joanne Jacobs (see blogroll at left).


Anonymous said...


This comment is COMPLETELY off topic, but I just had to write this. A few nights ago, while watching the news from a staion in Chico, there was a story that made me think of you. Some guys from the Chico area had made an internet video that was nominated for an award. It was a farce about assassins who go around trying to rid the world of snowmen. There was footage of them blowing snowmen apart with shotguns, tackling them, etc.

I know I read this blog waaaaaayyyy too much because all I could think was....SAVE FROSTY!!!

Oh, how you've corrupted my thinking. :) LOL

Darren said...

You're right, it is off-topic--but hilarious!