Sunday, April 01, 2007

Socialism and Privacy Cannot Coexist

Steve at NewsAlert is an Army of One fighting against socialized medicine and big government. Many of us spread the gospel, but not as often and as strongly as he does.

This post, though, should make every red-blooded American think. Quoting from the New York Sun:

In a paper to be presented this weekend, two researchers say an assassination threat against President Franklin Roosevelt during World War II prompted the Census Bureau to compile a list of every person of Japanese descent who lived in or near Washington, D.C...

A clear picture has emerged in the last decade that the Census Bureau aided the War Department in interning West Coast Japanese-Americans by providing information on the ethnic makeup of neighborhoods.

In closing, Steve gives his usual Cassandra-like warning:

Do you think if we ever get "universal health care", in America, your private information will not be shared? As we've said before, socialism and privacy can't both exist.



Anonymous said...

Thank heaven most voters aren't like you.

Darren said...

You're sure they're not?

Do you really trust government to do what's best for you? And if you say yes, did you believe that before last November's election?

Ellen K said...

I think it's hilarious that the same folks who want the government to judge who needs what medical care and when would think that their private medical history wouldn't become public. If public money is spent for anything, then there has to be public justification. If the government pays for someone's hair transplants, then I as a citizen should be able to find that out via the Freedom of Information Act. At a time when there's a continuous push for "transparency" in budgets private, corporate and public, why would that piece of information remain cloaked in privacy? You can't have it both ways.