Thursday, March 01, 2007

Leftie Blogs Are Potty-Mouths

Given what we know about lefties, this doesn't surprise me.

And this is what I found, using what I deemed -- through a mix of TTLB and 2006's Weblog Award lists -- to be the 18 biggest Lefty blogs, and 22 biggest Righty blogs. I couldn't account for the 6-month time period, and I even gave the Lefty blogs a 4 blog advantage. But it didn't make much of a difference.

So how much more does the Left use Carlin's "seven words" versus the Right? According to my calculations, try somewhere in the range of 18-to-1.


Jim said...

South Park Conservatism, we hardly knew ye.

Ellen K said...

I don't know when it became acceptable to cuss like a sailor. I mean I know all kids experiment with tough talk, even girls, but some of the things I hear these kids say, and even worse some of the things these kids write in notes that get taken up, are not just foul, they are pornographic. There was one note that I picked up from a girl who was tossing it to a guy in front of her that was so nasty, I had to stop reading after the first two sentences. I guess I missed a chance to make money mailing it into some porn magazine.