Thursday, March 29, 2007

Guess Who Linked To Me

They obviously didn't read any post other than the one they linked to.

How did they find my blog? Who sent them the link to this post?

Many questions, no answers.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Once again the NEA prove how out of touch they are with mainstream teachers. They need to get away from the left wingers in the union. I'm sure there's a Wal-Mart opening somewhere right under their noses.

Darren said...

The NEA can't get away from the left-wingers. They *are* the left-wingers.

Dan Edwards said...

( sound of heavy breathing.....) Vi ist vatching you......!

LOL. You, Coach Brown and EdWonk have all been linked by NEA's blog dude.....I wonder if there is ANY connection with NOT being blocked by the Chicoms ? LOL

Darren said...

Ouch. That hurts!!!