Monday, March 19, 2007

Hate Speech Isn't Free Speech?

If you're anti-illegal immigration, your views constitute so-called hate speech in the eyes of lefties. Also according to them, hate speech isn't free speech, so they're entirely justified in shutting that speech down.

Which they tried to do at UCLA. And UCLA almost assisted them in doing so, until someone with a little smarts decided that intelligence and the law prevent them from doing so.

So the question is: Should the university let the thugs drive debate on important and controversial issues off the university campus? I think the answer is that it should not.

The issue is important because lefties vowed, on their own forums, to shut down the debate. Protests, hecklers, etc. were to be used, and UCLA originally wanted an apparently right-leaning student group to shoulder the cost of security; the university has since backed down from that requirement.

You can't give in to terrorism, even this kind. It only encourages them.

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Ellen K said...

Right now, there's a type of political fascism that includes the elimination of debate from the public forum and that includes our nation's colleges and universities. There have been professors removed from tenure due to doubt about Global Warming and professors removed from key committee positions due to their views on the situation in the Middle East. In other days, it would have been an open forum for debate, now to dare to express your personal views is to open yourself to censure, violence and attacks. Is this what is meant by a "liberal" education? It would seem if the axiom, garbage in/garbage out were correct, then by limited access to a free range of opinion, we are only giving college students half an education.