Sunday, March 18, 2007

100 MPG? How About 300 MPG?

There are plenty of good reasons to want to cut down on pollution--and no, so-called global warming isn't one of them. I've long believed that in places like the Central Valley of California, and the eastern slope of the Rockies--places that get over 300 days of sunlight a year--we're passing up on essentially free electricity every day we don't have solar cells on the roof. I'm not against cutting down on emissions, I'm against the scare tactics and fake science that are part and parcel of the Church of Global Warming.

Cars. Cars burn a lot of gas in this country (and every other country, for that matter). What can we do about that? Hydrogen? Bio-diesel? I don't like either of those solutions. They might be part of an overall solution, but neither one is going to carry the entire burden of reducing oil consumption. I still like electric cars, charged at night with electricity produced from clean, efficient nuclear power. But there are still technology improvements in batteries needed to make that a reality. So what can we do today?

How about these ideas?

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Ellen K said...

A guy in mid Texas rigged a car to run on water. They did a story last year on the Fox Affiliate. He was a laid off engineer with time on his hands. He had his Toyota running on water and did a demonstration. If he can do it, someone else can too.