Friday, March 02, 2007

The Democrat Party and Labor Unions

If you oppose workers voting on whether to be forced to join an organization, can you call yourself a "democrat"? If you oppose people having secret ballots, can you call yourself a "democrat"?

Obviously, the "Democrat" Party name is a misnomer, they are anything but democratic. They believe government should set wage levels, not negotiations between workers and business. Is that a "democrat" value?

They believe people should get jobs based on race or gender, is that a "democrat" value? They think people of color are too stupid to get a job or an education without government stepping in. Is that a "democrat" value"?

The believe in the power of the State and when that fails them, they turn to the courts. Very seldom do they accept the vote of the people. Is that a "democrat" value?

Since they are not "Democrats", what are they?


So what's all the hullaballoo about? This:

The legislation, also called the card check bill, would certify a union as soon as a majority of workers at a plant signed cards authorizing it. Currently, employers can require elections, overseen by the National Labor Relations Board, on whether a union should be recognized.

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