Thursday, March 01, 2007

No More Analog TV

I did not know this!

When broadcasters cease sending out analog TV signals two years from now, the television industry wants to make sure the American public is ready.

A coalition of consumer electronics manufacturers, broadcasters and public interest groups is preparing to spread the word that those without digital TV equipment will see their sets go dark on Feb. 17, 2009...

Beginning today, all new TVs for sale in the United States will contain a digital tuner...

Those not interested in buying a new TV by the 2009 deadline can instead purchase a converter box that will transform digital TV signals into information an analog TV can understand. Those converters will be available next year for less than $70, which can be partially offset by $40 vouchers available through a federally funded program.

More information is available at

Wow. How could something this big occur and I not know about it until just now? Does everyone know this, and I'm just completely in the dark? Or is this not getting a lot of attention yet?


Ellen K said...

I had heard it five years ago. Back then I figured it was just another way to get everyone to buy new TV's. We don't change our viewing media with the fashionable set(no pun intended). I guess we will either suck it up and buy a converter, watch TV on the computer or simply watch our old fashioned VHS tapes and DVD's on what we have now. Frankly I still think it's a major kick back to the TV companies, of which I don't think there are any in the US. As I recall everything is now made overseas. Just another kick for the trade deficit.

Unknown said...

Old news. McCain (co-?)sponsored the legislation, by the way.