Sunday, March 18, 2007


It's hard to say.

Abstract: University classes involve students sitting. This unremarkable activity gains importance through how students incorporate discussions of sitting into their representations of their classes. Examining discourses of sitting provides insight into how students represent issues of agency and belonging in the classroom, and in so doing, an understanding of how the institution’s efforts to impose its own image of students’ agency and belonging are discursively and physically manifested. This study is based on students’ discourse of sitting at Queens College, where the institution’s ideas of self and agency in relationship to education meet multiple ideas brought to college by an extremely diverse student population.


Anonymous said...

Most likely parody; it's not nearly obtuse and diverse enough to be the real thing. One can almost understand it.

Unknown said...

Parody? He's an anthropologist.

Ellen K said...

At least there doesn't seem to be an obvious political aim involved. And football players would be able to pass it easily. A winner on all counts from the NCAA point of view.