Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How I Deal With Daylight Savings Time

I dread this coming weekend. Missing that hour of sleep, and resetting my internal chronometer and circadian rhythms, get more and more difficult the older I get.

But I've found a method that helps with the transition.

I don't do it all at once--notice that word transition.

Starting with the Monday before the change, I set my alarm clock 10 minutes earlier each day. I don't actually get out of bed, I just let the alarm clock wake me. On Friday, when I'm waking up almost an hour before I normally would, I might even attempt to go back to sleep--but at least I've awakened early. By the time Sunday rolls around, waking up early is old hat--and it's so much easier to adjust 10 minutes at a time than it is to jump into the entire hour at once.

Try it and see! There's still plenty of time left.

And now, good night!


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

In a word, Daylight Saving Time sucks! Now that we're saddled with it for 8 months a year, it makes sense more than ever just to change the clocks permanently to DST--or leave them alone as Arizona does. I, for one, am sick of all this monkeying with the clocks.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the life of a pilot. Glamorous travel to all of those early time zones. Now you know how I feel on a nightly basis.

Just livin' the dream!

Unknown said...

Oh my God, does the time change this weekend?

I'm not used to DST. I used to live in Indiana, which until two years ago was one of the only two states not to go on DST (Arizona is the other).

Darren said...

E-d, when all of us get paid the same as you do, *then* you can tell me what a rough life you have!

(No, I have no idea what he makes. It just sounds like a good argument.)

Foobarista said...

My wife and I are night-owls, and work jobs where we can be. We actually like having an extra hour of sun in the evening, but we're probably among the few that do.