Tuesday, February 17, 2009

University Administrator Pay

I don't know anyone who thinks our colleges and universities are better run than they used to be, who thinks the rising costs of a university education--higher than inflation for many years now--is justified and reasonable. Is it easier now, or harder than it used to be, to complete a bachelor's degree in four years? Is the education our students get any better than it used to be?

Are university presidents doing such a great job that they deserve the significant pay they receive? (And I'm not talking about private universities here--they can pay whatever they want. I'm talking about public universities, supported by the taxpayers.) And what are they doing that justifies performance bonuses, even as they raise tuition by double digit percentages each year?

The taxpayers should insist that something yield.

(Hat tip to NewAlert for the link)


Ellen K said...

Tuition is rising. I understand that costs for energy, food and buildings are going up. But then again, so are salaries for top level administrators, athletic directors and coaches. And let's not forget that student athletes get a free ride in comparison to their peers. Is it right that a kid can go to a school for free for a couple of years, then jump to the pros? The "average" kids end up footing the bill. And frankly, I haven't seen one college say that they are rolling back tuition based on the bad economy. Given the political leanings of most professors, you would think they could get the connection between enrollment and classes. Unless you are tenured, without students, you have no job. I know my kid has taken this semester off due to our family's economic hiatus. I am sure other kids have as well. Do you think the noble aristocrats in the Ivory Towers are going to be as accepting of the Obama Plan if it means that they ultimately lose their jobs? Or have they not thought out that far yet?

Darren said...

They don't have to. Ain't gonna happen! They are of the annointed class.