Friday, February 27, 2009

Ayers and Dohrn Go To San Francisco

And according to essayist Zombietime, they get a large, friendly reception. So what's the problem?

But we ran smack dab into what I call the Ayers-Dohrn Paradox, which is:
Ayers and Dohrn gained fame as violent revolutionaries willing to commit murder and other terrorist acts in order to overthrow the United States. For that, they were greatly worshipped by the far left. Now, in their sunset years, they’re trying to re-cast themselves as “respectable” left-wing professors with “reasonable” opinions, who have long ago sworn off violence. And so, at these events, neither of them ever mentions their violent heyday, except rarely in passing. Instead, they focus exclusively on their current obsessions: Introducing Marxist thought into schools, and closing down the prison system. However, almost no one who goes to see Ayers and Dohrn gives a damn about hearing monotonous lectures on these particular topics: instead, their fans idolize them because of their violent revolutionary past. So at these events, the audience (as in this case) is full of far-far-far-left radicals who came in order to hear overheated revolutionary rhetoric. But instead, what they get is a boring professorial monologue. If Ayers and Dohrn were nothing more than your run-of-the-mill leftist professors, no one would go to their appearances. They’re coasting on their violent reputation, while at the same time trying to distance themselves from it. And that is the Ayers-Dohrn Paradox.

OK, you say--so what? I'll tell you so what!

Just like our new Attorney General Eric Holder, Dohrn and Ayers think the United States is “a nation of cowards” for not “talking about race” enough — as if 23 hours per day isn’t satisfactory. In this video (sorry about the terrible camerawork), Dohrn says she agrees with Eric Holder. Which is exactly what Obama’s detractors were saying during the campaign — that Obama would appoint people to powerful government positions who would in fact be promoting the Ayers/Dohrn philosophy. And now we know — that’s exactly what has happened.

I don't like the kinds of people the President surrounds himself with. No sir, I don't care for them one bit.


Ellen K said...

In reviewing the election, it's ramp up and outcome, it is starting to appear that Obama was just the attractive spokesmodel for a very destructive agenda. I am not sure Obama would have won if not for his more volatile radical connections to Dohrn and Ayers. Couple that with the absolutely unpenetrated nature of Soros support-both declared legal support and under the table money and access-and this is playing out like a bad LeCarre novel.

So at what point does Obama wake up and realize he's being used? I think Pelosi and Reid have more power than he does-or at least that's the way it appears from how he defers to their wishes. His actions so far have been to make a few bland speeches, be a figurehead and that's IT! Maybe it's early or maybe it's just me, but he doesn't look effective, he appears to be hiding a more sinister backstory.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how do you get the idea that President Obama surrounds himself with Ayers? When was the last time they met?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Darren, you mean you don't recognize Dorn/Ayers/their sycophants and the folks Obama feels comfortable with and is?

The combination of little sense of responsibility for the possible results of their actions, untroubled moral certainty and a belief in the limitlessness of their own abilities? How about the cliquishness and assumption of moral, intellectual and fashion superiority?

They're high school kids even if some of them are in their sixties.

Unknown said...

"Ayers = Obama's best friend / political adviser / mentor!!!!!" is really getting old, it helps to add new information instead of just saying the same thing over and over. The "but the left brought up ____ over and over" isn't an excuse.

Darren said...

Ronnie, what new information would you like me to add? They *are* old buddies--recall that Obama's first fundraiser in his political career was held at the Ayers/Dorhn home--I don't know why new information is needed.

EllenK, I'm not ready to give Obama a pass. I don't think he's being used, I think he knows exactly what's going on--and he supports it.

Watch for him to get more megalomaniacal.

Unknown said...

New information is needed since saying "The sky is green" over and over gets old. If you now said "The sky is green because we have a new, current connection between sky and green" then I say more power to you, but saying the same thing over and over isn't productive or even interesting reading. Ayers was an associate of Obama, he used his house for political purposes, he worked with him on education, if people in the world only worked with "good people" there would be very few people working. Your making an association between Obama and Ayers into more than it was, and specifically writing posts that make the relationship seem to be a major current part of Obama's life. There are plenty of real things to complain about, and I would actually enjoy reading those.

Darren said...

Then read a post, any post, besides this one.

Anonymous said... is starting to appear that Obama was just the attractive spokesmodel for a very destructive agenda.

Come now, Ellen. Just because the last time someone with the same political platform came into this much power it resulted in the systematic slaughter of 12 million people doesn't mean that we have anything to worry about.

Unknown said...

Starting with Michelle, who is one of the nastiest pieces of work since 1776 to get near Washington, DC.

Darren said...

You're right, Donalbain. Unless Obama invades Czechoslovakia, any Nazi reference is stupid. What, there's no more Czechoslovakia? Then by definition, any Nazi reference is stupid!

It's not the reference that's stupid. I don't recall your pointing out the stupidity of the BusHitler signs from your friends on the left a few years ago.

Remember that the official name of the Nazis was the National Socialist German Workers Party. And all those Soviet Socialist Republics.

The comparisons might be useful. Better to consider them now than to wait until it's too late.

Anonymous said...
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Darren said...

Try your comment again, only without the foul language.