Saturday, February 14, 2009

No Internet Connection!

This is a very bad weekend for my dsl modem to die.

And based on prior experience with my ISP, from whom I apparently have to purchase a new correctly-configured (for their network) modem, I'm going to be without internet service for awhile. And since this is a 3-day weekend for most folks, I'm probably shafted until Tuesday.

I went to the local mall, where the food court features free internet (!), but couldn't get any connectivity there. I crossed the street to Starbucks, but since my gift card hadn't been previously registered online, I couldn't get access there. I was surprised to find my local library open today, so here I sit, letting you know that it's possible I won't be doing any posts or even posting comments for the next few days.

You can keep checking back before Tuesday--who knows, I may get lucky--but I'm not holding my breath.

Update: The modem is now working, through no effort of mine or that of my ISP. Let's hope it stays that way.


Ellen K said...

You still have DSL? We've had cable hookup for awhile now. I thought that you Californias were so advanced. Ah well, my sympathies to you on your loss. There's so much that depends on being connected these days that it's getting hard not to have access.

Darren said...

I'm kinda suspicious of our local cable provider, so I stick with DSL.

If our government is going to waste $790 billion of money it doesn't have, I'd have liked to get something out of that. Why could we not get some of that terabyte connectivity (infrastructure, anyone?)like they have in Japan?

Unknown said...

We don't have extremely fast internet infrastructure because the United States is drastically different than Japan, especially when considering size, and Republicans are against government ownership and investment in infrastructure. I'm sorry to say this but this blog is getting really obnoxious, I know your on the "opposition" side now but the majority of stories don't have to be some snarky "the Democrats said/did this so it's fair that we say/do it now." If you want to complain about someone be better than them.

Darren said...

Sucks when it's your guy taking the heat, doesn't it, Ronnie?