Friday, February 06, 2009

Trivia Night

A local restaurant/brewpub holds trivia night on Thursday nights, and for a few years now groups from my school--teachers, and sometimes students--have gone. Each team is allowed up to 6 people, and of course no cell phones or similar equipment is allowed.

Since Christmas break I've been three times; our team make-up has varied slightly over these three times, but it's a very fun group.

The first time I went we scored 21/30. The next time we scored 24, and last night we scored 25.

As someone famous once said, there is much pleasure to be gained from the knowledge of useless facts.


gbradley said...

That's great.
Perhaps you could post a few of the questions that you remember.

Darren said...

Who played in the first Super Bowl?
At last Sunday's game, was the coin toss heads or tails?
What 80s rock band was named after a bad guy in Barbarella?
NH3 is what common household compound?
Who are the last two US presidents to have had at least two vice presidents?

Erica said...

Ah, brings back memories of HS. I got my varsity letter on the academic team (I'm such a geek). I was the random trivia specialist.

I won us a match at the national meet for knowing the title of a Jules Verne novel that wasn't published until 1994 (Paris in the 20th Century) and the color the some Amazonian fish turns when it wants to mate (orange).

gbradley said...

GB Packers, Baltimore Colts?
don't know, but I'm gonna look it up.
Nixon, Roosevelt?
Aw man, I'm lousy at the two part answers.

gbradley said...

What 80s rock band was named after a bad guy in Barbarella?

Please Please Tell Me Now.
Good one.

Anonymous said...

was it Duran Duran?

Darren said...


Anonymous said...

Ammonia ... that's about the best I can do! Ask a Star Trek question.

Darren said...

Actually, we joked about that. I'm pretty good with Star Trek myself.