Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama--Feigned Outrage at Bush Policies?

Two consecutive stories at Instapundit sure could give one that impression:

After trashing President Bush for not spending enough money for Katrina cleanup, President Obama signed a huge porkulus bill with not one cent dedicated specifically to Katrina cleanup.

Immediately after that post is one stating that the new president plans on indefinite detentions of terrorism suspects.

I guess these are OK because it's now H instead of W.

Update, 2/21/09: Oh, look, here's another for the hopenchange crowd!

HOPE, BUT NO CHANGE: “Many people, myself included, hoped that Barack Obama’s popularity abroad would enable the administration to get increased cooperation from our allies, thereby making key US foreign policy objectives easier to achieve. These hopes took a major blow recently when European NATO allies rejected the Administration’s call to send more troops to Afghanistan.”

What, Mr. Smooth-talking Diplomacy can't make everyone love and support us? Who knew?

Update #2, 2/21/09: But wait, there's more!

A Pentagon review of conditions at the Guantanamo Bay military prison has concluded that the treatment of detainees meets the requirements of the Geneva Conventions but that prisoners in the highest-security camps should be allowed more religious and social interaction, according to a government official who has read the 85-page document.

The report, which President Obama ordered, was prepared by Adm. Patrick M. Walsh, the vice chief of naval operations, and has been delivered to the White House. Obama requested the review as part of an executive order on the planned closure of the prison at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, on the southeastern tip of Cuba. (boldface mine--Darren)

So what, exactly, is wrong with that prison camp?

Update, 2/22/09: Here are even more examples of things Obama excoriated President Bush for but now is adopting himself.


Ellen K said...

I would like to know how up to date Michael Moore is on the corruption in Chicago Democrat political circles. I am just so sure he's right in the thick of it conducting snarky interviews and launching innuendos....right?

nebraska girl said...

How could he set aside money for Katrina cleanup? There are no earmarks in the stimulus, remember.

Anonymous said...

A politician who blames his predecessor for not doing what he doesn't do himself, i.e. a hypocrite? Alert the news media.

On second thought, don't bother.

The bloom seems to be coming rapidly off the Obama rose, the messianic fervor that attended his inauguration seemingly having dissipated with a quite startling suddenness, so maybe even the New York Times has caught wind of the change.