Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Claims Heterosexuality Was A Factor"

I'm not sure how to react to this one:

Central Michigan and its women's basketball coach are being sued by a former player, who claims her heterosexuality was a factor in losing a scholarship after two seasons.

Brooke Heike said she fell out of favor with Sue Guevara immediately after the coach was hired in 2007.

Heike said Guevara told her she wore too much makeup and was not the coach's "type." That meant she wasn't a lesbian, according to a lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Bay City.


Ellen K said...

Well if lesbians can sue heterosexual coaches and bosses for such things, then why can't it work the other way around. Any way you look at it, the coach chose to non-renew a scholarship based on a social identity rather than the ability to play, or so it would seem. Let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

I know you are gay, but that does not mean you have to sympathize with this lesbian coach.

This isn't gay vs. straight.

This is right vs. wrong.

Darren said...


Your thought processes would amaze even the most hardened shrink.

you'll never know said...

i'm confused, anonymous. . .where exactly in darren's writing (all one sentence of it) are you picking up sympathy for any side? and ellen is certainly not sympathizing with the coach. sooooo. . .who, exactly, are you referring to as gay and sympathizing?

or was the just a general statement that people who are gay should not automatically side with the coach?

the one thing you are right about is the fact that this is about right and wrong.

Ellen K said...

I think anonymous is gay bashing. We must report him to his handlers. Maybe he can be deprogrammed. Or at least we can do a makeover.

Anonymous said...

Right on the Left Coast? Are you gay?

Darren said...

You interested in "dating" me?