Wednesday, February 11, 2009

THIS Is The Right Way To Get More Minorities On Your Campus

I don't support lowering standards for anyone. As a taxpayer I foot the bill for a lot of the cost of our higher education system, and the best way for me to get my money's worth is for it to be spent on the most highly qualified people we can find to attend our universities. We aren't getting the most highly qualified people when we lower standards through affirmative action.

Outreach, on the other hand, is not only preferable, it's a great idea.

Top administrators from California State University will be speaking at African American churches throughout the state this weekend as part of their campaign to encourage more black students to apply to its 23 campuses...

They will talk to students, parents and community members about topics such as preparing for college, applying to CSU and obtaining financial aid.

This type of activity reminds me of an old saying: a hand up, not a hand-out.

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Anonymous said...

If they really wanted to do something worthwhile they'd create publicly-accessible, computer-generated entrance exams. That way a kid, and their parents, would have something a bit more reliable and objective to determine whether junior was actually on track to enter college or merely being inflated with self-esteem.

The higher education system abets the erosion of the K-12 system by making it difficult to determine whether the K-12 school's doing a decent job until they actually apply for entrance.

If the K-12 system is shirking it's responsibilities then maybe the higher ed system ought to step in before too much damage is done. The technology didn't exist to intervene until the advent of cheap computers and cheap Internet access but both of those problems are taken care of.

If mommies and daddies know a couple of years ahead of time where junior stands on the college-bound track then they'll be in a position to do something before it's too late.