Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Teenage Prostitutes

I'd have been surprised by this story if I hadn't had experience with the topic before.

A British teen earned up to $20,000 in two months working weekends as a prostitute, a court was told Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail.

I used to teach at a junior high that offered some, uh, interesting experiences. Would you like to hear a few of them?

One girl used to cut school with friends to go break into people's houses. They found a firearm in one, and while playing with it she got shot and almost died. She lost a lot of intestine as well as her reproductive organs.

I had a student who transferred from another school. After a week he died playing Russian Roulette.

I had two 8th grade students who were mothers.

I had a student who feigned pregnancy, knowing her father would kick her out of the house--right into the house of the boyfriend the father didn't want her to date. This ruse lasted several months.

And I had two students who were picked up in downtown, during school hours, for prostitution. Unlike the linked story above, though, I doubt they made much money.


Anonymous said...

One school I worked at, a girl was crying in class when I walked in. I took her outside to find out why. he was upset because a girl called her a slut. I asked if she had any idea why she might have said that.

Turned out the crying girl and her friends had been drinking cider on the field the evening before, and run out. They had asked a guy to go to the off licence for some more for them. He said he would do it, if she gave him a blowjob. And she agreed.

This was a 14 year old girl and a 30 somethng man.

Ellen K said...

Back when I first started teaching and was barely making ends meet, I noticed many of the kids drove nicer cars than mine. One girl in particular, who was on social security and living with her aged aunt had a brand new Camero. I asked how she paid for it. It turned out she was a featured performer at a local strip club, although she was just 16. Since both parents were dead, she got a check from Uncle Sam, which she used to pay for the car. Sadly, I am pretty sure the girl succumbed to the drug culture of the early 90's and either has AIDS or is dead. I also had a girl whose mother encouraged her to get married at 14 so that she would have more room at home. This wasn't in a poor neighborhood, but it was full of kooks!

Anonymous said...

cider? something doesn't sound right....

Anonymous said...

Oh. In the UK cider refers to an alcoholic drink make from fermented apple juice. Hope that helps! Given its low cost, it is the drink of choice for today's discerning teenage drunk.

Anonymous said...

OooooooK. that makes much more sense.

Ellen K said...

Just like Strawberry Fields....or wine coolers!