Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question is:
Elba (in the Mediterranean), followed by St. Helena (in the middle of nowhere in the Atlantic).

Today's question is:
In today's army, what is the name of the unit immediately above a division?


Fritz J. said...

On yesterday's trivia I couldn't remember ST. Helena. For today's I think the answer is corps.

Stopped Clock said...

I'm going to guess probably my first wrong guess and assume this is a semi-trick question and that the answer is "troop".

Anonymous said...

The Corps, 2 or more divisions.

gbradley said...


Wild A$$ Guess
I really like these trivia questions.
Rarely do I not research right after I answer.
I don't cheat though, as you may be able to tell by some of my answers.

Anonymous said...

Depends on how the battlefield is organized.

1. A corp is the traditional level of command above the division, with a corp being capable of handling 2-5 divisions.

2. However, divisions can now report directly to numbered armies in certain instances, usually when there is only 1 division involved in an operation and the expense and redundancy of setting up an additional layer of command is prohibitive.

3. In many ways this question is now mute, as the division itself has morphed to become something closer to the old corps idea, with brigades now doing what divisions used to do.