Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Fellow Math Spirit

Just reading the top of this guy's blog, I know I'm going to like a lot of what's there:

I believe that mathematics should be taught, not collaboratively explored; algebra and geometry are better than a vague course of Integrated Math; spiraling doesn't work nearly as well as learning it properly the first time; "I don't DO math" should be an incentive rather than an excuse. "I don't DO English" should be treated the same way.

Of course, the name of the blog doesn't hurt, either.


Curmudgeon said...

Why, thank you very much. I will attempt to live up to (or down to, as the case may be) expectations.

A Libertarian from the Dark Side of the Country who was really impressed with the perfect circle.

Anonymous said...

Dumb question here-and yes, I googled it but good lord tons of junk came up-what is spirialing? My lovely (sarcasm) ed profs said it was scaffolding.....what I basically do in basic math (when I teach it) to build the foundation "before adding the walls and pretty curtains."

-or teacher

Darren said...

Spiraling--repeatedly having to go back and cover previously-taught material because it wasn't taught in enough depth to achieve mastery the first time.

Anonymous said...

Oh ... I thought a scaffold was something built to hang people from.