Saturday, February 21, 2009

Skiing Yesterday

I went skiing yesterday; as of right now there are only 7 muscles in my body that are not sore.

Here's the picture I took of Castle Peak when I went at the end of December,
and here's the picture from yesterday.

In the interim, all that snow over there was gone. What you see came from storms in about the last two weeks.

Update, 2/25/09: The friend I went skiing with just called and said I should credit him for taking the second picture. Credit is hereby given.


Anonymous said...

Oh aren't you special with all your snow!

heres a link of a time laps video of the mountains near Tucson, all the snow disappears in one day!

me want snow!

Anonymous said...

Wow, really Darren? This makes me remember how completely and utterly awesome California is.

Friggin' Maryland...

Oh, and we beat you in basketball today! Rah!