Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Craziness In English Schools

It's hard to believe these people were ever smart enough to colonize and civilize a good part of the planet when you read things like this:

Children are being encouraged to imagine they are suicide bombers plotting the July 7 attacks as part of the Government's strategy to combat violent extremism.

The exercise is part of a teaching pack aimed at secondary school pupils that has been adopted by the Department for Children, Schools and Families. It requires children to prepare a presentation on the July 7 atrocity – in which 52 innocent people died – "from the perspective of the bombers".

They are asked to summarise the reasons why they thought the bombers wanted to carry out their attacks and even suggest some more.

Fortunately, someone sane has put a stop to it.

The government has apologised for causing offence as it withdrew a school pack asking pupils to think about the 7 July attacks from the bombers' view.

The new teaching pack, launched by Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire, had been recommended by ministers as a way of addressing controversial issues...

The government has admitted the pack was "misguided and inappropriate".
You don't say.

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Ellen K said...

Oh I don't know. I can see some idiot school board deciding that it's offensive to mention 9/11 and some agitated Muslim parents demanding some similar type of parity. Let's face it, all someone has to do is suggest they will go to the press and use the R-word and suddenly all common sense is suspended. This also plays into the rampant public displays of anti-Jewish sentiments in the UK. It's become blatant and the government is just hemming and hawing hoping it will go away. Bullies don't go away until they are made to go away.