Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question:
Chrissie Hynde

Today's question is:
Who is the crown prince of Japan? (Bonus if you know his relationship to WWII emperor Hirohito.)


Fritz J. said...

Narahito(not sure of the spelling, it might be Naruhito or Narohito), and unless I missed a generation he would be the grandson of Hirohito. I have a hard enough time spelling in English, let alone another language.

Fritz J. said...

I checked and found I spelled Naruhito's name wrong. Now the question is are you one of those hard-a**es who don't give any credit unless everything is perfect, or are you a teacher who gives partial credit provided the student shows that he has some idea of what he is talking about? :-)

Darren said...

What, only one person knows anything about Japanese royalty? (Well, two, because obviously I know about it.)

Not to worry, Fritz--since this is only for fun, you get to determine whether or not you get credit for the answer! If it were up to me, though, I'd give you full credit, but I'd correct the spelling for you :-)