Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Two More Idiots

School janitor nabbed in teen sex sting

Middle-School Teacher Gets Bail, Home Confinement for Sending Sexy Texts to 14-Year-Old Girl


Update, 3/5/08: This one hit way too close to home.


MasonPiper said...

How about a third, this one is close to home, I taught at the school from 2000-2006


Unknown said...

Why did Rio hire someone who had already previously been investigated for something like that? It just seems like a bad plan when his name was never really cleared in the first incident.

Darren said...

I don't know if the current administration even knew about the previous incident--for which he was not charged, I might add, so there was no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Darren said...

Masonpiper--with my update, I think I have you beat. Sadly.

MasonPiper said...

Sadly is the word, my wife and I were discussing this and while I find this behavior so beyond the pale for anyone, I found I was getting angrier and angrier, that it was a man, someone I knew, that had made it harder for other men to work in this profession. I chose Education after being in business for ten years. It was a conscious, well-informed choice and one male's actions have now made it harder for others and me in Reno to teach. We will now have to watch every interaction with students to make sure we do not cross any line real or imaginary, just to educate kids. Now here are 4 very close together and no one will think of the thousands of guys just doing their best in the classroom and school, but of these people and slightly tar us just a bit more.