Monday, March 03, 2008

A Conservative "Social Justice" Syllabus?

One can only hope.

I'm going to read some Hayek someday. Maybe even some Ayn Rand, just to get a flavor.


Anonymous said...

Hayek can be tough-going, but I've learned a great deal from his work. Start with "The Road to Serfdom," which is his most accessible book, I think.

Anonymous said...

Some (unsolicited, but what the heck!) suggestions:

*) For Ayn Rand, read the Fountainhead instead of (or before) Atlas Shrugged. The writing is better.

*) David Friedman has an excellent book, The Machinery of Freedom, that might qualify as a good "social justice" book from a libertarian perspective (that isn't the point of the book, but, well, you'll see if you read it).

*) Hayek and von Mises are tough reads :-(

-Mark Roulo

Angel said...

Here's 'The Road to Serfdon' by Hayek in cartoons:

So, you can do the fast read, hit the high points and whet your appetite for the real thing.