Sunday, March 02, 2008

Any Other Groups Want Special Gym Hours?

How about special gym hours so scrawny people don't have to be intimidated by working out around buff people?

This is what happens when you take multiculturalism too far.


Marbel said...

There are lots of women-only gyms out there for women who prefer not to work out around men. A 2-second google search found 2 "Curves" salons right in Cambridge.

Ellen K said...

Here's the deal, I really don't like exercising when there are bunches of teenaged boys, some of which I teach, in the same club. It bugs me. So I would really prefer adult only hours. And my daughter doesn't like to go an get ogled when she's trying to work out. Face it, many of the gyms on campus are meat markets. And as such, I can't blame ANY woman for wanting hours where she can exercise without getting hit on.

Anonymous said...

And I thought getting "ogled" was the entire point of working out.

nebraska girl said...

I find it uncomfortable to exercise around all the skinny minnies on campus. I propose a time just for us "fluffy" people.

Darren said...

How would you know, Carson?


Ed said...

Reminds me of something Professor Frink said on the Simpsons, about abolishing all sports where you'd have to take your shrt off because it's embarrassing (and with the glayvin, etc.).

Mike said...

I just found your blog and I love it. I've been reading back posts for an hour already.

Great stuff!

I'd like to be a teacher, but the 'normal' BS I always here about in public schools and the low pay have kept me in the private sector for now.

I don't know that there are many schools in the northeast that I would find an acceptable work environment, being mostly run by standard liberals.

I've been looking for ways to get my toes wet in education while still working my current (and well-paying full time job).

If I do, and I like it as much as I imagine, I may end up going to teach- but If I can't find a school to work at that I find suitable, I may try to start one. I'm kind of crazy like that.

I'd want to be a part of- or start- a school where academic results mattered most and civil adult behavoir a close second.

I could blather on about my dreams but it seems silly since I haven't even tested the waters much. That being said, your blog is exactly the kind of stuff I need to see.