Monday, March 31, 2008

This Is Progress

After 4 years of giving it the ole college try, local Sacramento station AM 1240 is giving up on its "Progressive Talk" format. The station manager, interviewed on Channel 3 Reports, seemed bitter--she's a so-called progressive herself--but admits that the format wasn't making the station any money. So what format is she switching to?

Hip-hop gospel.

Update: When I first posted this I couldn't find a link to the Channel 3 story. Longtime friend and loyal reader MikeAT found it for me!


Ellen K said...

Another one bites the dust *everybody sing!* Now what was that thing again about free enterprise and allowing the market to determine the message? And tell me again why conservative talk shows are still running decent numbers? So does that explain why the Democrats are trying to gut conservative talk radio with the ineptly designed equal time laws.

Anonymous said...


I think you hit the nail a bit indirectly. Market saturation. The liberals have ABC/CBS/NBS/PBS/MSMBS/CNN/NPR and the NY Times/Washington Post/SF Chron/LA Times.

Conservatives have talk radio, the Washington Times and (to a degree) Fox News.

There is no market for this leftist crap on talk radio because it already is being filled by other outlets.

Now as far as the station’s new format, Hip Hop Gospel…hey, if it catches on, what the hell! 

Darren said...

I think the idea is to keep people from going to Hell.

Ellen K said...

Or possibly to teach certain folks how to dance...maybe?