Thursday, March 13, 2008

3 Crazy Stories

These will make you wonder if the world has turned upside down.

Student suspended for buying Skittles at school
Michael Sheridan was stripped of his title as class vice president, barred from attending an honors student dinner and suspended for a day after buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate.

Sleepy Student Claims Teacher's Wake-Up Slam Caused Hearing Loss
A 16-year-old Connecticut high school student who fell asleep in class says he suffered substantial hearing loss when his math teacher smacked her palm down on his desk to wake him up while she was teaching...

Vinicios Robacher's father, Soel Robacher, claims that his sleepy son's left ear was resting on his desk on Dec. 4 when math teacher Melissa Nadeau slammed her hand down so hard that his eardrum burst. Robacher says his son experienced an almost complete loss of hearing.

New York High School Rejects Deaf Student's Service Dog Again Despite State Ruling
A public high school has turned away a deaf student's service dog despite a state ruling saying the animal should be allowed...

Cave and his family say the teen, who uses cochlear implants, needs the service dog to help with his studies...

The Caves turned to the state Division of Human Rights after their $150 million federal lawsuit against the school district was dismissed last year.

If I had a label for asininity, these stories above would merit that label.

(Incidentally, all boldface above is mine.)


KauaiMark said...

Candy get suspension..
I predicted this almost two years ago when Santa Clara School district came out with a similar plan.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of kids using the old, "the dog ate my homework," but never "The dog didn't help me with my homework."

Unknown said...

I guess I would stick to the water spraying :)

Anonymous said...

Great news…the Skittles kid got a reprieve.

Mike Sheridan’s suspension was cleared, he was reinstated as class VEEP and he’s back on the honor roll. The school administrators had a spasm of intelligence and common sense. I wonder if the fact the school administrators were made to look like the idiots they are in front of the entire country had anything to do with it.

Darren said...

The publicity is the *only* thing that caused it, Mike.