Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Something Is Missing In This Story

So, what exactly is the problem here? No, this isn't what I'd call an ideal classroom situation by any stretch, but I didn't see any "violence". Unless there's something missing here, I don't see how this merits resigning.

Oh, I know someone will say "You never touch kids", as if we're supposed to marvel at that statement and agree in awe. Handshakes, pats on the back, a hand on the shoulder as you scoot behind someone in a crowded aisle--we touch kids all the time, and it's quite innocent. So I need something more than "You never touch kids" to explain why this guy felt the need to resign.


Anonymous said...

Zero tolerance applied to teachers???

I dunno.

For a lot of "moderately bad idea but no harm done" issues I'm fine with just telling the teacher to not do it again. After 3 or 4 of these, then maybe you get rid of them.

The video of the teacher doing the cheerleading routine comes to mind. That is/was another, "please don't do that again" moment.

-Mark Roulo

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "Mother of All Ass Chewings" provided this nice teacher the incentive to seek better paying employment in the private sector.

Mr. W said...

I blame this on the teacher training classes. They want teachers to come up with these "brilliant, fantastic" lessons that get kids involved and then they do this.

I would actually bet money that he probably did this with a supervising teacher watching the lesson in the past.

You could almost see him thinking...wow what a great lesson this is.