Sunday, March 09, 2008

Interesting Pictures

Yes, there's a bit of a leftie slant to some of them, but they're cool to look at anyway.


Anonymous said...

How do any have a 'leftie slant?'

Ellen K said...

A local environmental group that I work with sent these out with this month's newletter. As an art teacher, these are amazing, just the concept of one MILLION is really hard for kids to grasp, so this graphically shows the image. I agree, they are slightly lefty, but what an impact visually!

George Grady said...

Actually, I think that they leave the impression that "all big numbers are, you know, really, really big". In fact, I think that that's rather the impression the artist wants to give. The numbers range from 11,000 to 9 million, about three orders of magnitude. There's no indication, however, of the vast differences in relative sizes between them. They're just big ("way, way too big", I'm assuming, is the idea the artist is trying to get across).

Artistically, however, they're very impressive.