Saturday, March 22, 2008

Media Bias?

Here's a great example--including actual video.

Update, 3/23/08: Another one; this time the Associated Press apparently made up a story from scratch.

Update, 3/24/08: Need more? Here's one from the Beeb.


Law and Order Teacher said...

That would have been funny, were it not so sad. It's sad that the MSM has become so lazy and infiltrated with pack mentality that it can be led into this hoax. There certainly is a shortage of professionals now in journalism. Beck asked the question "What does it say about us?" We are as lazy consumers of information as the media is in churning it out, that's what. We get what we deserve.

Ellen K said...

This is exactly why I walked out of the Journalism building back in 1976. I was told that the media had a sacred charge to do what they could to present stories for the betterment of mankind. The problem was that the stories had to adhere to the agenda. So the story I wrote about the manipulation of funds for school activities from the students fund to the athletic fund was quashed and the story about the new sorority house ran. Go figure.