Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Hour

Another form-over-substance event. Regular readers already know what I think of this event and its antecedent, anthropogenic global warming; newbies can click the first label at the end of this post.

How much electricity did San Francisco save buy turning off the lights on the west end of the Bay Bridge? Enough to power Al Gore's Tennessee house for 13 minutes.


Ellen K said...

Did you see the post at Kerplunk? Even with many Australians participating, the reduction was a statistically negligible 2%. And in the hours prior to the "event" energy use actually rose due to people trying to get chores done before shutting down. There are also stories about the photos of Sydney being photoshopped to appear dimmer than it was. And all the while EnviroPope Al Gore is shining up his suit of armor and looking for a likely white steed to save the Democrat party and the world.

Darren said...

Kerplunk is on my "daily read" list. That guy's awesome.