Saturday, March 29, 2008

Graphing Calculators and Tanks, Redux

Statcounter tells me that every few days, someone gets referred to this post from a year and a half ago. I just reread it, along with all the comments; it's still one of my favorites, so if you're new to RotLC, go take a read! Comment as you see fit.


din819go said...

Oops -- I could not get the link to work.

I have wondered for years why kids are allowed to use calculators rather than do the work the old fashion way -- by hand. Is this really learning the math behind the problems or how to use the calculator correctly? Thanks!! Don't worry, I know we live in the computer age which has technically made us more efficient but it sure has distanced people from each other, too.

Of course without computers we would not have your great blog either!! Keep up the great work!


Darren said...

I wonder why--the link works fine for me. Odd.

Thanks for the compliment, though :-)

Anonymous said...

Link worked here. But I have one comment/question.

What is "pre-calculus"?

Darren said...

Here are California's math standards. Pre-calculus is a combination course combining trigonometry and math analysis.