Monday, March 17, 2008

California Now Has Sex-Ed Standards?

We do according to Joanne and the Mercury News.


Unknown said...

And you have a problem with this? If parents aren't doing their job of teaching their children are we just supposed to give up on that generation? Obviously at 26% something needs to be done and the current plan isn't at all working.

Darren said...

2 things, Ronnie.

First, I didn't even imply that I had a problem with this.

Second, if parents don't do their jobs, government isn't the first place I'd look for a correction. It doesn't have the best track record, especially in social issues.

How's that 40+ year War On Poverty going?

Unknown said...

2 things, Mr. Miller.

First, if you look at the negative to positive article ratio of this blog its overwhelmingly negative so I think it's fair to assume you were against it. I thought the questioning tone implied some negativeness to the idea, but I probably shouldn't have assumed it.

Second, I never stated that the government is half as effective as a good parent, but I don't really see a solution coming from anywhere else. I only see two things fixing the situation: people changing or the government stepping in, and one I know won't work.

Pretty poorly, but think of how bad it would be if people didn't try to do something. I understand the reluctance to have the government interfere in our personal lives, but parents aren't taking care of their children, and it's irresponsible to just let that happen without trying something.

Darren said...

I do hope you'll feel differently when you're a parent.